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Onix Renewable Ltd is a progressive company leading the way in India's Different Sectors-Renewable Energy | IPP | EPC | Energy Transition | Infrastructure | Wind | Solar | Storage | Utility | Hybrid | Green Hydrogen | R&D | Power Generation| Solar Panel Manufacturer.

Leveraging our deep industry experience, We have an impressive history of successfully launching more than 500 MW of projects thus far. Additionally, we are diversifying our operations into the production of solar PV modules, with a current annual capacity of 100 MW and plans for expansion to reach 1200 MW by the end of 2024.

Through the collaboration of our skilled technocrats, we extend the opportunity for comprehensive customization throughout every stage, including design, construction, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance services.

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Our Mission

Preserving a planet teeming with life entails harmonizing the requirements of humanity with those of the ecosystem, achieved by embracing Renewable Energy solutions.

Our Vision

To captivate and retain customers by delivering superior products, services, and an exceedingly enjoyable ownership experience.

Our Value

Our purpose is successful innovation, Excellence and Integrity to new products and emphasize product quality and customer value.

Divyesh Savaliya

Chairman & MD
Energy Transition | Infrastructure | Renewable | Wind | Solar | Storage | Utility | Hybrid | Green Hydrogen | R&D | Power Generation

Proudly designated as Founder and Chairman at Onix Renewable with 15+ Years experience of on grid or off grid Power Distribution & turnkey based Transmission, Hybrid Large Scale MW Projects on PAN India level, so as to grow, and succeed in the world of Business long-drawn-out since 2008.

History of achieving / exceeding targets in business development sectors, pioneering new and innovative products and entry to new market.

Strategic planning and execution of new projects that include Renewable Energy, Power Distribution, and Power Generation sectors.

Also having strings attached with Government, International business, has proven the effective capability of leadership and nurturing guidance as well as mentioning the team.

Studied as Electrical Engineering & MBA in Business Management




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Our Capabilities

Onix Renewable develops all of its own projects, from conception to completion. Our local management teams offer knowledge in system design, grid evaluation, land acquisition, and origination. In order to choose the sites with the best energy generation yield and create cost-effective system designs, Onix Renewable makes use of the most cutting-edge technologies throughout the project development process.

Land Expertise

To acquire and perfect the use of land for the best energy outputs, Onix Renewable engages skilled local land specialists in each Location.

Grid Analysis

Engineers from the Onix Renewable frequently have experience dealing with regional power grid operators. This gives Onix Renewable important information about the capacity and availability of the grid.

System Design

Preliminary designs are created internally by Onix Renewable professionals, which shortens the development process and assures the best asset layout for optimal yield.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management

In more countries, the engineers and technical specialists of Onix Renewable offer complete design, procurement, and construction services. In order to reduce procurement and construction costs, we make use of our industry expertise and size. Onix Renewable is one of the biggest consumers for international and domestic construction companies, local civil contractors, and tier-1 solar and wind equipment providers in the Asia-Pacific area.

Onix Renewable provide Operation and Maintenance Service accurately with modern technology and skilled personnel

Industry-standard operations and maintenance (O&M), reporting, monitoring, and data analysis services are offered by Onix Renewable. Our O&M services make use of the geographic and industry expertise we have built up throughout the area to boost operational performance, cut downtime, and manage risk.

The Onix Renewable keeps track of the operational performance of its assets and of neighborhood monitoring stations that deliver real-time data on plant performance. We are able to swiftly address problems to reduce revenue loss, efficiently manage our spare parts inventory, and find operational efficiencies that can be used across the area since we operate and control our own assets.

With our reliable and contracted renewable assets, Onix Renewable's finance expertise creates a unique yet mutually advantageous connection with international investors and institutional lenders.