Our Journey

Onix's Timeline

Green Hydrogen

It is produced using electrolysis of water with electricity generated by renewable energy.

Hybrid Power

We made our debut in the wind-solar hybrid power project sector with a 25 MW power project.

Manufacturing of Solar Modules

New factory opens in Metoda, GIDC with the manufacturing facility of Solar Module and Awarded by TV9 as the best EPC solar company.

EPC Projects

Entering the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) project sector is a significant business endeavour.

Arrived Solar Energy Sector

We entered the solar energy sector to ensure a successful start and long-term growth.

Wind Energy Sector

Entered into the wind energy sector in view of increasing global demand for renewable energy sources

National Level Projects

A significant endeavour that involves working on large-scale initiatives, often in collaboration with government agencies or prominent organizations.

Erection Contractor

Starting an erection contractor business is a significant venture that involves providing services for the installation, assembly, and erection of various structures, equipment, or components.