Operation and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Renewable Assets

Highly skilled engineers and technical specialists provide first-class O&M support.

With an emphasis on innovation, safety, and prevention, Onix Renewable creates solutions for the management of sustainable energy assets. By doing this, it optimizes both its own and its clients' energy production, making daily improvements to efficiency at each stage of the process.

Through predictive maintenance programs built on the intelligent use of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies, the company extends the useful life of renewable infrastructure. These solutions are supported by the most recent technology, which help maximize output volumes at a reduced cost while extending the life of the renewable energy infrastructures we utilize to combat the climate emergency.

Why Onix?

Our focus on putting people first and our years of expertise have allowed us to build solid work processes that guarantee the safe and dependable operation of your assets.

Whether you require ongoing support or stand-alone services for particular projects, solutions are crafted to match your special needs.

Exemplary Health and Safety Performance

A secure work environment that puts people first, delivering best-in-class health and safety performance.

24/7 Support

Our operational control centre is always accessible, giving you continuous support and monitoring.

Analysis and Optimisation

Using in-house developed diagnostic tools, we analyse all sources of data to increase performance and maintain asset value.

Technology Expertise

Extensive experience in wind, solar, energy storage and HV services.

Project Engineering & Design

Taking Care of Wind Farms

we can guarantee the wind power plants will be operational for the longest possible time of our expertise and inventiveness.

We specialize in the following services for the wind energy industry and work with technologies from companies like Gamesa, Vestas, Suzlon, and GE:

  • Wind turbine preventive maintenance with no effect on energy supply
  • Corrective measures to fix asset flaws, ensuring the shortest possible service time
  • The application of significant corrective actions. Corrective actions have been taken by our experts.
  • Execution of preventative maintenance to foresee upcoming problems
  • A check of the blades. Our group is authorized to perform vertical work by ANETVA.
  • Final warranty inspection, component replacements, repairs, and services; modification of lifts, lifelines, and weather stations; disassembly of turbines; and quality audits
Project Engineering & Design

Taking Care of Utility Scale Solar Power Plant

We run and maintain relevant electric infrastructures, as well as solar farms made up of both stationary and portable panels.

Solar technology's quick development necessitates a similar growth in asset efficiency. Our solar energy remedies include:

  • Preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance
  • Retrofitting of machinery
  • Last warranty examination
  • Mission & performance
  • Repair of components (reducers)
  • Audits of service quality
Project Engineering & Design

Conserving High Voltage

We provide engineering and substation commissioning services, maintain substations, transformer centers, underground and overhead lines, and reduce reaction times while always adhering to safety rules.

Service provided by our high-voltage facility:

  • Maintenance of transformers connected to lines, including preventive, corrective, predictive, and major corrections.
  • Last warranty examination
  • Services and replacements
  • Audits of service quality